B2B Programs

Stop waiting for the right applicant to trust your valuable customers with. Select your dream team and get them trained your way!

As a grooming business, you can add your business to our student's Bulletin for FREE, where they will have access to your flyer or general information, together with your contact. Students and graduates will be able to check the Bulletin at any time and apply to any job they find attractive. To add your business to our Student Bulletin, CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses in our Bulletin do not receive any applications or do not get the amount of applicants they need. We can't keep up with the need of all Texas businesses and unfortunately, we can't control where the student that apply are from. For this reason and because of multiple petitions, we started our B2B Programs for professional staff training.

No Experience Required

The staff you decided to put into training will not have to meet any experience requirements. We can start their training from scratch, all the way to ready to groom stylists!

Quick Start Training

We can usually accommodate all of our B2B petitions. As soon as the paperwork and payment is taken care of, we can usually start immediately! You can also schedule your start date.

+Employees = -$

We understand that sometimes, more than 1 person is required to fulfill your business needs. For this reason, for every staff member you add to the training group, you get a discount!

Your Style, Your Way

Do you pluck or don't pluck ears in your business? Do you express glands or don't? Are you completely holistic? We will teach your staff according to your business beliefs and practices.

Your Time Frame

Do you need your staff trained in a particular amount of time? Depending on your business needs and selected staff, we will go over time frame with you and will try to reach a goal that benefits you.

Worry Free

Your staff can train at our facilities, with our grooming tools, on our customers. You don't need to worry about your space or getting the pets to practice, we will take care of it and assume the risk!

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Authorized Training Centers

Are you interested in becoming an Instructor or a Trainer? Are you interested in making your grooming business an Authorized Training Center for the Grooming Academy of Texas? Start by filling out this form and we will contact you with more information!

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